Collection: 120n TCS (technical crew sock)

120n technical Merino Wool Crew Sock - targeted terry cushion 

this Wool: Fine micron merino wool from NZ. details: Superwash (process to help against felting wool in wash) from sudwolle groupe - sourced from New Zealand, Poland, Romania... (countries subject to change updated often)

this Nylon - skeleton nylon is an extruded n6 nylon of 34 filaments in a double ply, wrapped with a micro spandex (this aids in the socks performance form/fitting)  USA MADE -  SAPONA MFG

contents: 77% Merino wool,  16% Nylon, 7% Spandex


Spandex ribbed arch support or Elasticized arch support with Ventilated/mesh for transpiration 

Terry (cushion) knit merino wool interior foot bottom, heel and toe - AND kick pad top of foot

Seamless toe closure (truly flat toe seam knitting technology) 

Machine wash warm or cold. Please don’t bleach. Dry flat or tumble dry at low temperatures.


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