Collection: 120n LWC (light weight crew with heavy cushion in the foot bottom)

  • 120n LWC light weight crew (Cushion foot bottom crew sock) 
  • 3x1 rib pattern leg - full cushion all over inside of sock in extremely soft 17-20 micron merino wool   
  • Merino Wool heavier weight crew with cushion foot bottom  
  • its great for all purpose wearing and beyond tall enough to cover any boots well below mid calf
  • Leg of the sock is 8-10 inches from heel 
  • Wool: Fine micron merino wool from an imported yarn via KENT wool mfg fiber - This yarn is composed of incredibly soft 100% merino wool (17 - 19 microns) .. (some of the socks use 2 ends of wool yarn)(actually this one uses 4 ends of wool) -  Or some yarn colors are in 19-21 micron merino from suedewool (sheep from Poland and Romania and some processes in Germany) 
  • Nylon - the skeleton nylon is an extruded 1/100 denier n6 nylon of 34 filaments, wrapped with a micro spandex (this aids in the socks performance form/fitting) 100 denier yarn count - 20 denier spandex 
  • contents: 77% Merino wool, 16% Nylon, 7% Spandex
  • Spandex ribbed arch support or Elasticized arch support
  • Terry (cushion) knit merino wool interior foot bottom , heel and toe
  • Seamless toe closure (truly flat toe seam knitting technology) 
  • Machine wash warm or cold. Please don’t bleach. Dry flat or tumble dry at low temperatures.
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